Child disability payment

What is CDP?

Child Disability Payment (CDP) is the Scottish equivalent of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) administered by Social Security Scotland, is non-means tested, and provides financial support towards the extra costs of bringing up a child with a disability such as multiple sclerosis (MS). CDP replaced DLA in Scotland in November 2021.


Like DLA, CDP can only be claimed for children under the age of 16 whose needs are complex due to mental and/or physical disabilities. Where the difference lies is that CDP payments can continue until the claimant reaches the age of 18 unless they elect to switch to PIP once they reach 16 years of age.

Making a new claim

New claims for CDP can be made online or via a paper format and can be instigated by a child’s parent, guardian or any other person who has recognised parental responsibilities for the child. It involves a two-part application process with both parts needing to be completed within six weeks of each other. If your child has a terminal illness the process consists of one single part due to time sensitivity.

As part of the decision making process, Social Security Scotland may contact you to obtain further information. They aim to make a final decision within six to eight weeks of receiving all of the necessary information from you.

How much will your child be awarded if eligible for CDP?

Two components make up CDP, Care and Mobility, each of which have variable payment rates associated with them.

The care component has three different payment rates (lowest, middle and highest) and all payments are tax free.

The care component is available to children from the age of three months old.

The mobility component of CDP comprises two different payment rates (Lower and highest). The mobility component is available to children from the age of three years old.

To see the current rates payable to claimants, please visit the web pages on Child Disability Payment.

More Information

To find out more about CDP please visit website.