Rebecca Armstrong

Rebecca talks trusteeship and MS-UK

New trustee, Rebecca Armstrong talks about what MS-UK means to her and why joining the board of trustees was the opportunity for her

You’ll probably recognise Rebecca’s face because although new to the board of trustees, she has written a regular column in New Pathways focused on supporting people to navigate the world of work with multiple sclerosis (MS). In addition to this, Rebecca set up a community on Facebook, MS & Work, specifically focused on helping people who are experiencing challenges at work due to having MS.

Rebecca runs her own company supporting organisations with all things people – that includes helping them create inclusive cultures, supporting them with leadership development or ensuring that they have robust people policies in place.

Rebecca is experienced in the charity sector and has worked with many national and local charities through her business as well as sitting on the Board of County Durham Community Foundation and Creative Youth Opportunities (A local youth-based organisation in East Durham).

‘I have volunteered for MS-UK since 2017 when I started to write my column in New Pathways magazine. The column is focused on helping people with MS who are experiencing challenges at work to navigate their rights and to get the support that they need. I have also run webinars for MS-UK supports on the topic. Most recently I am delighted to be joining the Board of Trustees.

When I was diagnosed, I decided that I wanted to try and use my professional experience to support others in the same situation. There are some amazing MS charities and I love how we all work together to provide something slightly different. For me, it was the fact MS-UK is focused on providing support directly to people with MS through the helpline, New Pathways and online services.

I have met and spoken to some amazing people since I have started to work with MS-UK. No one wants to have MS, but I feel like my diagnosis has given me a sense of purpose and that I am able to make a positive impact through my work with MS-UK.

Come and join us, every hour of volunteer time makes a difference and as a community we can help to make a difference. You get to meet some amazing people, become part of a lovely community and make a difference.’