New – Pregnancy and MS Choices booklet

You asked and we delivered! The MS-UK helpline have produced a brand-new booklet titled ‘Pregnancy and MS’ as requested by the MS community.  

This booklet has been produced to support people wishing to start a family and shares things to consider that you may not have thought about. For example, have you heard of pre-pregnancy counselling? Can you start trying to conceive whilst taking the disease modifying drug (DMT) you are on? What if you would like to breastfeed, yet your MS means you need to restart your DMT soon after your baby’s arrival? Lots to consider, but this booklet provides you with answers and things to talk to your medical teams about. 

We answer questions about the impact of MS throughout pregnancy, vitamin D supplementation, different drug therapies, what support is available. Also, how it is important to have open discussions with both your MS and obstetric teams to ensure you are best supported to have the birth you want.    

MS does not mean an end to starting (or expanding) a family, in fact quite the opposite.  

To download our new booklet please click here. 

On Tuesday 24 May, we welcome Dr Ruth Dobson to our online community. She will be delivering an information session all about pregnancy and MS and talking about the ‘UK consensus on pregnancy in MS’, which was published in the British Medical Journal in 2018.  

This consensus has been so important in providing clear guidance for people living with MS during pregnancy. 

If you would like to sign up to attend the session please click here. 

Below is an exclusive pregnancy Pilates session from Amanda Kemp, who hosts our weekly Pilates session.