Learn more about support for carers

Did you know that according to statistics from Carers UK, 1 in 8 of us are carers?  

That’s around 6.5 million people in the UK with some degree of a caring role. 

Caring roles can vary from something small but vital, like regularly helping someone with domestic tasks through to substantial and full-time personal care. 

We all need a bit of support in life and the people who provide help in an unpaid capacity, ‘carers’, may be entitled to some extra help.  

MS-UK recognise that people with MS can both need the support of others but may also find themselves in a caring role. We want to make sure that you or the person caring for you has access to information about the support available to carers. 

In our new informal, unpaid or family carers webpage, we highlight support from a variety of organisations that give help, advice or provide service for unpaid or family carers. Some organisations and groups have a national reach, and some are specific to individual home nations. We highlight the importance of localised support in your community and give you ways of finding local groups. 

We recognise the role young carers may have in the lives of their families and highlight support that may be available to them. We also talk about support for adult carers and delve into carers rights, the law, and assessments for carers. 

We also touch on working carers, acknowledging the juggling act this can be. We point out rights and signpost to quality advice about flexible working requests, taking time off and more. 

It is often the case that carers, particularly those with a substantial caring role will struggle for funds and financial resources. We made sure that we pulled together information on grants, welfare benefits and financial help for carers. 

It is well known that regular breaks from caring can support a carers wellbeing. We have included information about how to get a regular short break if it is needed, and information about charities and respite centres that can enable respite breaks. 

We want the carers among us to know there is support if it is needed, and we hope our new web page is useful. 

If you have questions about caring, want to know about support near you, or need emotional support, you can contact our helpline Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm via webchat, email info@ms-uk.wdl.co or call 0800 783 0518.