Woman hugging a golden retriever, featured image illustrating kennel cough vaccine and MS

Kennel cough vaccine and MS

I took my dog to our vet to get the kennel cough vaccine for her (Mobivac nasal spray). The vet asked if anyone in the household had immune system issues, as Mobivac is a live vaccine. I told them I had multiple sclerosis (MS) and they said that I’d have to not be around my dog for six weeks if she has the vaccine. I’m amazed. Is this right?

We have our usual disclaimer that we are not health professionals and can’t give medical advice, but this is the first time I have had to add that we can’t give veterinary advice!

In the SPC (summary of product characteristics) for Mobivac, in the section about special precautions, it says ‘Immunocompromised individuals should avoid any contact with the vaccine and vaccinated dogs up to six weeks after vaccination.’ As with any live vaccine there is a potential and theoretical risk of transmission to immunocompromised humans, so you can see why your vet has a cautious approach.

The question is whether or not you would be considered immunocompromised. Our understanding is that people with MS are considered to have an auto immune disease and are not necessarily immunocompromised. Some disease modifying treatments may suppress or compromise the immune system and we would suggest getting the clarification from your MS team or your GP about your individual status. It is possible that they will give amended advice that will help you communicate with your vet.

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