"I was able to talk through my diagnosis journey."

Our services support people like Lisa, read her story…

“I needed a space to be able to talk through and understand my diagnosis. I choose to do this through MS-UK because the counsellors they use have an understanding of MS and the issues it brings, rather using a generic counsellor.

“I wanted to have some time and space to talk through my emotions – to have a safe space and to be able to think out loud.

“I had a wonderful counsellor who listened really well – I was able to talk through my diagnosis journey, how things had changed so much in the last 15 months, and to begin to accept things.

“Throughout my time having the counselling, I went from being teary and uncertain to MS no longer being the first thing I thought about every day. I was initially consumed with my condition and what it could mean for me, my family, and my future, to understanding that I just need to make adjustments. I didn’t ask for MS, I don’t want it, but I need to be positive and make sure I still live a full life.

“During my counselling I recognised that I don’t find it easy to talk – I still don’t but I try and share more of my thoughts and feelings now. I talked a lot about my immediate family, my desire to still be ‘me’ and to try and carry on. I make an effort to try and talk more openly about how I am feeling and the symptoms I feel.

“To anyone unsure about counselling – you may not think that you need it, but to have the time and space to be able to talk about my diagnosis has been invaluable. The counsellors are also able to sign post you to other support that MS-UK have. It helped me to develop strategies to cope with my raised anxiety and reminded me that a positive mindset is really important and beneficial.”

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