Hannah and Milo take on the Big Purple Dog Walk

Hannah took on our fundraising challenge with her adorable dog Milo

When I heard MS-UK were putting on the Big Purple Dog Walk event I thought it was a great opportunity for Milo and I to get some exercise, have fun and raise money for MS-UK who are such a great charity. My mum works for MS-UK and I’ve been fundraising and volunteering at events since I was young, and it’s been great to see the charity grow.

We got Milo in October 2022, he was just six months old. The time has flown by, and he will be one next month! He has been a great addition to our family. He has settled in so well and I couldn’t imagine life without him now. He loves playing with his toys in the garden and going for long walks, and getting attention off everyone who walks past him.

Our challenge was to visit a new place every weekend and go for a long walk, for example Milo went to the beach for the first time on the first weekend of March and he loved it so much he didn’t want to go home! He has also been out with his friend Oakley, a toy poodle. We’ve been on a trail walk, to different fields, where he’s even met horses. He loves running after the birds on the field and can’t understand why they won’t play.

When Milo arrived at the beach for the first time, he ran straight into the sea then realised how cold it was. He was sniffing the sand so much that he got it all over his beard and looked very cute. When we finally got him back in the car, he fell asleep straight away.

I’ve fundraised by putting my JustGiving link up on my Facebook for my family and friends to see and for them to share. I also baked cookies, sausage rolls and fudge that my mum took into work to share for donations. Keeping my JustGiving page and Facebook updated has helped raise more donations.

It’s a great fundraising event to take part in as you can explore new places with your dog, have fun and raise money for a great charity at the same time. You can choose to do so many different things and see other people’s posts of what they are doing and even speak to them for tips or advice. Sadé and Lucy have been very supportive too and the fundraising pack I received had lots of ideas. It’s a great way to get active for both you and your dog.