Alice’s marathon fundraising plan

My story of choosing to run the TCS London Marathon is a simple one – I love running and feel passionate about raising money for charity so I singed up to run for MS-UK.

My late mother-in-law had used MS therapy centres as she lived with MS for a long time and this eased some of her symptoms greatly. As a mother of three who works full-time, I don’t have a great deal of free time, so when I do run it is usually at 5am in the dark with a head torch, and this can be tough but busy runners have to fit the miles in somewhere!

It was important for me to have a detailed plan of how I was going to raise my target amount of money as being so busy requires organisation.

My first plan was to have my t-shirt sponsored by local businesses, they would ‘buy’ advertising space on my race day and training t-shirt. This has been a success raising over £300. All this idea requires is willing businesses and a company who can do screen printing onto t-shirts. My social media campaign raised over £300 with family and friends donating, I mostly post on a weekend as this is when I’m not working and also helps people not get bored of seeing my posts all the time.

I have organised a raffle of prizes donated by local businesses, which I have advertised locally and that has been successful with people spreading the word around friends and family that has made around £300.

My next venture is a charity wine tasting held in my local village hall, I secured a deal with a company who help individuals raise money for charity by hosting wine tastings and we will sell raffle tickets and soft drinks which will make even more.

I also plan to hold a charity trail around my village where children can purchase maps to find clues around the village and then solve a puzzle, as I know a-lot of parents in the local area I am hoping this will be a popular and fun activity.

I am happy with my plan and feeling confident especially as I have hit my first target early and I am getting towards my next one, here is my JustGiving link if you’d like to donate to my page for this amazing cause.