Aaron Maynard takes a dip for MS-UK

I was introduced to MS-UK back in October when I took part in The Jersey relay marathon with my family.

We signed up to the event to support my cousin and to raise money for MS-UK. My cousin lives with multiple sclerosis (MS) and hadn’t told many people about her diagnosis. She was ready to share her diagnosis with the wider world and thought that taking part in the Jersey Relay Marathon would be a great opportunity for her to talk about her MS as well as raise money for a great MS charity at the same time. Collectively we raised £769 for MS-UK from this event.

Once the relay was done, I set myself the challenge of the TCS London Marathon. When I started asking for more donations for the London Marathon shortly after completing the Jersey relay marathon the ball took a while to get rolling. This left me thinking I need to do more than the running to try and reach my target.

My Dad is a very committed sea swimmer (in all weathers) and very frequently invites me to join him, fully knowing what my response will be. Usually a polite and easy ‘no thanks’ is my answer. I then had the idea that pledging to take a dip in the English Channel on Christmas Eve. I would brave myself and get in, but only for a good cause.

On 15 December I had raised £190, I decided to post on Instagram that I would get in the sea if I reached £300 by Christmas eve. That target was reached very quickly, perhaps I need to consider more carefully who I am friends with? They clearly wanted to see me suffer. The donations kept coming and by Christmas Day my page had reached £600! I’m incredibly grateful to everybody that has donated. You can watch me in action here.

Not stopping there!

The London Marathon is such an incredible event, something I enjoy watching on screen year after year, I am beyond excited to be running it this year and also very proud to be supporting MS UK as I do it.