Bladder and bowel information session, with MS Nurse Samantha Plews

 Wednesday 13 December at 4:30pm 

Bladder and bowel symptoms are amongst the most common problems experienced by people living with multiple sclerosis (MS). So in this session we will be welcoming Shaun Barton from our Helpline team and MS Nurse Samantha Plews who will help to provide a better understanding of the problems bladder and bowel issues can cause, available treatments and where to find support to help manage your needs.

Our Bladder and bowel Choices booklet has just been updated with contributions from the multiple sclerosis (MS) community to give you an overview of all the information on the topic. Visit our bladder and bowel webpage to view and download a copy.

Shaun from MS-UK’s Helpline team will be discussing the updates to the new Bladder and bowel Choices booklet and a review of all the main areas featured within the booklet. Shaun will also be taking us through alternative management options including supplements and complementary therapies, plus what other services and organisations are available to support with bladder and bowel care.

Then we will be hearing from MS Nurse Samantha Plews, where we will be taking a special focus on the bladder. Samantha spent many years working as a community nurse before specialising in MS and so has extensive knowledge of bladder care and the choices available to help manage the effects of MS symptoms.

Samantha will be discussing the common issues that she see’s present for her patients including the misconceptions on restricted intake of fluid and the increased problems this can lead to.

In Samanatha’s presentation we will be covering the following areas of bladder management

  • How the bladder works
  • Bladder health
  • Fluid intake
  • Pelvic floor
  • Catheter care

We will finish with questions and answers for Shaun and Samantha. As this is a very complex topic, if you have any questions you know you would like to ask, please email them in advance to by Monday 11 December.

How to book

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